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Category: Use Cases

CU Men’s Basketball becomes the first collegiate program in the nation to use Respondology technology to mitigate toxicity.
Social media marketing is highly effective, but brands are leaving due to toxicity and spam. Learn how to take back control.
Pride Month celebrates LGBTQIA+ culture and rights, yet brands supporting face a barrage of hateful comments online. Respondology's technology swiftly removes toxic comments, empowering brands to stand with the community without fear of backlash.
Women’s History Month sheds light on ongoing online abuse. Despite progress, misogyny persists on social media. Discover how Respondology fights back.
Amid Black History Month, online hate highlights the need for vigilant moderation to foster inclusive digital spaces. Let's unite to cleanse social feeds of bigotry, championing equality and respect.
In 2021, social media saw continued growth but also a surge in online hate speech. Respondology's data reveals a significant increase in toxicity, with spam and bots invading brand feeds. Despite challenges, our technology saves clients time and combats online hate.
As holiday shopping surges, ensure online spaces are clean. Moderating comments boosts ROI—68% of shoppers check comments before buying, and effective moderation can increase ROAS by 34% and decrease CPA by 27%.