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Win big with social media protection

Hide illegal streaming links, spam, scams, and hate from your social feeds in less than a second. Plus, get instant alerts on comments containing topics you want to address.
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Take control of your social media and protect your revenue with customizable, fast, and results-driven social media comment moderation software.

40+ sports teams and leagues trust their social presence (and sanity) to Respondology

Protect your assets

Don’t lose revenue to illegal streaming 

Spam, scams, bots, and illegal streaming links are a threat to your brand, audience, and bottom line. Instantly hide posts that take your audience away from your owned paid and organic social platforms.


in potential revenue lost to illegal streaming

Protect your sponsorships

Create sponsor-safe spaces

Sponsors don’t want their brands associated with toxicity, abuse, racism, or other brand-damaging conversations. Moderated comment sections protect millions of dollars of sponsorship investment. 


global sports sponsorship market

Protect your time 

Focus on engagement, not clean-up

Keeping up with everything at the speed of social is impossible for teams to do without the support of technology. Keep your eye on the game while we moderate the rest. 


of sports fans use social media platforms while watching live sports

Protect your players & fans

Keep hate out of your social streams 

Unsportsmanlike conduct isn’t tolerated in games or stadiums and shouldn’t be tolerated online. Immediately hide racist, homophobic, sexist, and other toxic comments. 


is the average toxicity rating sports teams and leagues have on social media

Brand Risk
by the Numbers

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Average number of illegal TV streaming links posted on a pro sports team’s social media on match day.


Number of fans who associate toxic comments directly with the team.


Increase in social media abuse.


Increase in spam and bots.

Complete paid, organic, and influencer coverage

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Case Study

The Denver Broncos Fight Toxicity & Create Healthy Spaces for Fans

The Denver Broncos needed to keep constant spam and illegal streaming links, hateful comments related to trending world events, and hatred targeted at individual players out of their social media accounts. Here’s how we helped.


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Speed is essential for moderation as the longer a brand-damaging or hateful comment is visible, the more damage it does. Our technology typically takes under one second to moderate a comment. If required, our team of humans typically makes a moderation decision in under thirty seconds.

Yes! Platforms like Hootsuite, Sprinklr, SproutSocial, and others provide important services that work well in conjunction with ours but only go so far with moderation. These solutions often require significant setup and maintenance of complicated workflows, or they require your team to be constantly moderating with them which isn’t scalable. Our solution sits right on top of social media management platforms, completely taking over the burden of moderation and freeing up your team to perform their other important work.
Yes! Our platform can moderate both organic (creator posting on their account on your brand’s behalf) and paid (your ad account promoting a creator’s branded content) influencer/creator marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
We moderate comments in 28 languages, including: Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian & European), Russian, Serbian (Lat + Cyrillic), Spanish (LATAM & European), Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Zulu
We utilize each social media platform’s official access & authorization flows (like Meta’s Business Suite & TikTok’s Business Center) to acquire the minimal amount of access to your social media assets our platform requires to power moderation. We do not need sensitive information like your logins and passwords.

Setup is simple and easy. Within a single thirty-minute onboarding session with one of our Account Managers, we can acquire access to your social media assets and configure your moderation to start protecting your brand within hours.

Hiding brand-damaging, toxic, racist, or harmful comments on social media isn’t censorship but a practice of upholding community standards and protecting brand image. We believe it is a social media account owner’s right to enforce their community standards on their owned digital spaces just like they would in their physical spaces like a storefront or stadium. Audiences are free to post their opinions on their own social media presence but must defer to your standards if they post on yours.

Yes! An Account Manager will be assigned to you to get you up and running on our platform. Once live, your Account Manager will also continue to audit your moderation including making adjustments to ensure your moderation keeps up with the speed of social.

Don’t just post. Protect. 

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