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Brands: Review those Social Media Comments as part of your Holiday Checklist


As holiday shopping surges, ensure online spaces are clean. Moderating comments boosts ROI—68% of shoppers check comments before buying, and effective moderation can increase ROAS by 34% and decrease CPA by 27%.

U.S. holiday shopping spend continues to grow despite global challenges

Despite continuing global concerns over supply chain during this holiday shopping season, workplace shortages and additional Covid waves to contend with, the U.S. retail industry remains strong, growing nearly 7 percent in 2020, and is forecasted by the National Retail Federation to grow another 10.5 to 13.5 percent in 2021.

With shoppers back in-store, more of that activity will take place in physical stores this year than during the Christmas 2020 holiday shopping season, when shoppers flocked to the safety of contactless, online shopping.

However, as brands tidy up their physical stores for the holiday shopping season and prepare their in-store experiences, they should spend just as much time doing the same for their online spaces.

Customers want to feel safe in-store and online

The all-important holiday shopping season, which often makes up the bulk of annual revenue, is no time for customers to be made to feel uncomfortable or offended by comments and posts on your social channels containing racism, homophobia, product-damaging comments, bots and spam. In a recent survey conducted by one of our clients, 3,900 consumers were asked if they had read comments before their purchase and they found that a full 68% of consumers DID read comments on Instagram or Facebook, before making a purchase.

One of our retail clients who recognized this early on, wanted to verify how important social media content moderation actually was, to their bottom line. They executed an A/B test, using Respondology’s comment moderation tool The Mod™ to remove brand- and product-damaging comments and spam from their social ads, comparing them alongside the same social ads without moderation. The company saw an increased ROAS of 34%. In addition, they saw CPA decrease 27%, while their conversion rate increase by 7.3% – metrics every consumer brand would love to see.

Make sprucing up your online presence part of your holiday checklist

Cleansing your social media of distracting spam and bots, and online hate speech and toxicity – things that can easily sully a shopping experience – may just become your “e-commerce secret” as well, for both the holiday shopping season and beyond.

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