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Brand and Audience Protection with Instant Comment Moderation

Hide hateful, racist, brand-damaging comments and spam from your social media feeds. Discreetly moderates 23 languages in seconds.

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Respondology’s technology has put the control back into the hands of our clients and, crucially, removed the podium from social comments from getting any further exposure or causing further damage.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Respondology has saved us time and resources by moderating our social media pages for spam, bots and inappropriate comments – and greatly helps to protect our brand in social. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Respondology is pivotal in creating a safe and secure online environment for our fans. It has given us the ability to easily combat spam and bots to ensure our social media platforms are free from offensive comments. We are grateful to have a solution that helps us maintain an engaging yet safe atmosphere.

If You’re Not Moderating, You’re Not Optimizing

You optimize all of your marketing channels and retail environments, so why not your social comment streams? Brand-damaging comments and invasive bots work against your investment in social marketing. The best marketers know that moderation boosts campaign effectiveness, lowers CPA, and enhances brand reputation.


Increase in ROAS with moderation


Decrease in CPA with moderation


People hours saved per week on average with comment moderation

Enhance Brand Safety and Save Time

As comment volumes surge, relying solely on in-house teams becomes impractical and costly. Our comment moderation technology not only ensures brand and audience safety but also liberates your team, allowing them to channel their energies into more strategic tasks.
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Unmoderated Social Media is a Liability

Every post and ad you release is an open invitation for conversation. Without moderation, those conversations turn from assets to liabilities. With Respondology, instantly and discreetly hide toxic, spam, and brand-damaging comments to ensure these interactions are safe, constructive, and in line with your brand’s values.

Protect Your Brand with Three Layers of Defense

Respondology is the only solution that combines a customizable filtering dashboard, generative AI, and human moderation to provide you with the most powerful and effective moderation platform to safeguard your online reputation on social media platforms in real-time, 24/7/365.

Custom Filters

What’s toxic to one brand might not be to another. We give our clients full control over what is and isn’t hidden through an easy-to-use filtering tool.

Generative AI

Our AI is not just reactive but adaptive. Fine-tuned to your brand’s guidelines, it learns continuously from our dashboard and human moderators.

Human Moderation

We understand there is nuance specific to your brand that the first two layers may miss. That’s why we have a team of 1000+ trained human moderators as a final defense.

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Respondology's The Mod ™

One tool to manage and customize moderation across all social media platforms.
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Start right away

Immediate moderation with our preinstalled and continually updated keyword and emoji filtering. All customizable to your brand’s desire.

Add your own keywords

The Mod ™ allows you to swiftly customize and change keywords to fit their particular audiences better.
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See what's happening

See in real-time all comments in your social stream, which ones are hidden, and why—sort by Racism, LGBTQ Slurs, Severe Swearing, and all categories in the Moderation Keyphrase Dashboard.

Track and analyze

Track trends in your total comment volume, hide rates, percentage hidden by humans, and more across organic, paid media and by social platform.
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