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[Tech Times] Scoring Against Toxicity: How New Tech Is Winning the Social Media Game for Sports Brands in the NFL


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In today’s digital age, social media platforms are the virtual stands for fans worldwide, offering a space to celebrate thrilling victories and support their teams. However, these platforms often face a less visible challenge that threatens the spirit of sportsmanship: the rise of toxic and harmful comments. From the NFL to local clubs, sports entities are confronting an ever-growing wave of online toxicity that spans from invasive spam to concerning instances of hate speech. This issue begs the question: In a world increasingly online, how can sports brands safeguard the community spirit of their social media channels?

According to data disclosed in the NFL 2023/2024 Season Brand Safety Report from Respondology, a leader in digital comment moderation, the scope of the problem is staggering. The report highlights the top 10 NFL teams with the most toxic social media interactions, with the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers leading the list. Remarkably, these teams amass hundreds of thousands of abusive comments each month, underscoring the pervasiveness of toxicity that permeates online fan discourse.

The Brand Safety Report reveals that among these toxic interactions, racism and homophobia are particularly prevalent. The Dallas Cowboys alone experienced nearly 3,000 such comments monthly, a disturbing statistic that underscores the need for immediate and decisive action to safeguard online communities.

Moreover, the scourge of spam, scams, and unauthorized streaming links further compromises the integrity of social media spaces, diminishing the quality of fan engagement and placing an undue burden on teams’ social media management efforts. In this arena, the Dallas Cowboys again find themselves at the forefront, with an average of 953 comments with spam, scams, and illegal streaming links each month.

“In the high-stakes environment of professional sports, a team’s digital presence can be as crucial to its brand as its performance on the field,” remarks Erik Swain, Co-founder and CEO of Respondology. “With our cutting-edge technology, we’re stepping up to the plate to ensure that the online arena remains a place where fans can share their passion without fear of toxicity, safeguarding the community spirit that stands at the heart of sports fandom by removing toxic comments both quickly and discreetly.”

Beyond the ethical imperative to address this issue lies a practical challenge: moderating these comments requires substantial resources. According to Respondology’s analysis, effectively managing this level of toxicity would necessitate the dedication of 23 full-time employees working round-the-clock at an annual cost exceeding $427,000—an unfeasible proposition for most organizations.

It is within this challenging landscape that technology emerges as the game-changer. Respondology, with its innovative moderation platform, offers a scalable, reliable, and affordable solution, enabling sports brands to create safer online spaces for fans. By leveraging advanced algorithms along with a team of expert human moderators, the platform efficiently analyzes millions of comments daily, removing inappropriate content and ensuring that digital fan interactions remain safe and inclusive.

Importantly, the platform supports an impressive array of 28+ languages, catering to the global nature of sports fandom and allowing teams and organizations spanning the NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and the Premier League to foster healthy digital communities worldwide. With over 1 billion cumulative followers across clients, Respondology shoulders the responsibility of preserving the digital dignity of some of the world’s most prominent sports teams and consumer brands.

In an era where digital presence is as significant as performance on the field, the need for brands to protect their online community’s integrity cannot be overstated. The off-season power rankings, as illuminated by Respondology’s Brand Safety Report, underscore a crucial aspect of modern sports brand management: the fight against digital toxicity.

By adopting futuristic moderation technologies, sports franchises can not only reclaim their online territories from the clutches of toxicity but also enhance their brand reputation, ensuring that the digital stadium remains a place for healthy rivalry, spirited debate, and, above all, the unabated love of the game.

In the end, the off-season’s most critical victory may well be scored not by athletes on the field but by technology in the back office, turning the tide against toxicity and shaping a more civil digital future for sports fans worldwide.

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