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Erik Swain, the CEO of Respondology, recently discussed with Sky News, shedding light on the pressing issue of racism and comment moderation in social media.
Discover the ins and outs of content moderation - from understanding its importance to implementing best practices and utilizing effective tools. Learn more about keeping your social channels safe and pleasant.
Respondology transforms social media moderation for sports organizations.
Racism persists in soccer as Black players face online abuse, echoing historic incidents. Emojis and derogatory imagery on social media target players, highlighting the failure of the platforms to effectively combat hate speech.
Respondology steps in to help AFL teams and brands combat the onslaught of sex bots and trolls on their social media platforms. As social commerce gains momentum, addressing this issue becomes increasingly vital for businesses.
Abuse on social media, exemplified by reactions to Simone Biles' Olympic withdrawal, underscores a broader issue faced by athletes. Respondology's AI platform aims to combat this toxicity by discreetly removing abusive posts, offering hope for a safer online environment.
Respondology introduces The Ad Mod, a platform management tool designed for paid social advertising, addressing the need to manage negative reactions and spam comments effectively.
Learn how Instagram's growth presents opportunities for marketers, with a resilient creator community driving engagement. Explore Respondology's tool, leveraging human-machine hybrid moderation to enhance ecommerce conversion rates by minimizing false comments and spam.
Premier League clubs are in talks with an American tech firm to combat social media abuse against players. Frustrated by platforms' inability to police abuse effectively, clubs seek solutions. Respondology's software offers hope by hiding abuse in real-time on major platforms.
Football clubs are taking action against social media racism. Premier League clubs are considering a contract with Respondology to manage hateful comments.