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GroupM Instagram Has The Potential To Be A Full Funnel Commerce Platform


Learn how Instagram's growth presents opportunities for marketers, with a resilient creator community driving engagement. Explore Respondology's tool, leveraging human-machine hybrid moderation to enhance ecommerce conversion rates by minimizing false comments and spam.

AdExchanger: What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear that Instagram is growing faster than other social networks?

KIELEY TAYLOR: That this feels like there’s a whole lot more supply. We also know that demand is diminished, especially in certain sectors. For marketers, this is an opportunity to explore, if they can get advantageous pricing.

Why is Instagram soaring?

It’s likely showing the most resilience of all the social platforms because it has such a longstanding creator community. Where traditional means of production are hindered because of physical distancing, influencers have always been scrappy and they’ve been making a ton of really engaging content from their living rooms all along.

What’s something interesting about social commerce that isn’t widely known?

There’s a company called Respondology that has a tool that uses a hybrid of humans and machine learning to minimize provably false comments and spam in a feed. They have an ecommerce client that was able to drive improved conversion rates when comment moderation was turned on.

If there’s a troll comment right below an ecommerce-oriented ad, it tends to suppress conversion.

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