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How to Remove Harmful Comments on TikTok


A brand's online presence is integral to its reputation, so effective social media moderation on TikTok should be a top priority. Protect your brand's reputation by learning how to quickly and easily remove comments on TikTok.

With more than a billion active users every month, TikTok has quickly become the default online forum for sharing interests and connecting with others. By providing authentic, user-generation content fed to relevant users through the “For You” feed, it’s easy to see why it’s grown by over 1,239% between 2018 and 2023.   

These growing numbers reflect its popularity and appeal not just for individuals but consumer brands and organizations as well. Many advertisers, companies, and agencies have moved quickly to take advantage of the massive reach and engagement potential. However, this interaction on TikTik can have both positive and negative consequences – particularly in the comments section.

In an ideal world, the comments section is where users can have in-depth discussions, provide tangible feedback, express support, and even laugh together. Unfortunately, negative interactions in the comments section can quickly turn ugly. Hate speech, spam, scams, discrimination, and threats of violence all violate TikTok’s community guidelines. Still, given how much content is produced, harmful and damaging comments can easily slip through the cracks, damaging account integrity and chilling the warm atmosphere both individuals and brands work so hard to cultivate.

A brand’s online presence is integral to its reputation, so effective social media moderation to encourage a safe and respectful environment on TikTok should be a top priority. Take a stand today and protect your brand’s reputation by learning how to quickly and easily remove comments on TikTok.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Removing Harmful TikTok Comments 

Learning how to remove harmful comments on TikTok isn’t just about limiting damage to your brand. It’s integral to cultivating a welcoming and safe atmosphere within your brand’s digital spaces. 

Here’s how to hide TikTok comments that can potentially cause damage.

Method 1: Remove One Comment

  1. Find the video containing the unwanted comment.
  2. Tap the Comments icon (the chat bubble).
  3. Press and hold the comment you wish to delete.
  4. Tap Delete to get rid of the unwanted interaction.

Method 2: Remove Multiple Comments

  1. Navigate into the video with the unwanted comments.
  2. Tap the Comments icon.
  3. Click the Filter button.
  4. Select the comments to remove.
  5. Tap Delete to remove multiple damaging comments.

Method 3: Hide All Comments on a Video

  1. Tap the video on your profile you’d like to hide comments on. 
  2. Click the More Options button beside the video.
  3. Navigate into Privacy settings.
  4. Toggle off the Allow comments switch.

Method 4: Limit Unwanted Comments

  1. Tap the Menu button on your TikTok profile.
  2. Access Settings and Privacy.
  3. Navigate to Privacy and select Comments.
  4. Adjust who can comment on your posts.
  5. Activate comment filters to screen spam, offensive content, and even specific words.
  6. Review and manage filtered comments accordingly.

TikTok’s Comment Management System

TikTok’s comment management system allows users to control and customize their comment sections for a safer and more positive community experience. Users and brands can set their own privacy preferences to determine who can comment on their videos, or they can choose to filter comments by approving them before they appear. TikTok’s comments management system also allows users to block problem accounts or restrict how they can engage and report comments that violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines. 

These responsive features empower users to manage their online interactions so they can enjoy a more tailored, responsive, and secure platform.

TikTok Features for Comment Management 

Want to know more about the individual features that contribute to TikTok’s comment management system? Read on below to learn about the features you can enable to customize and control interactions on your page.

  1. Comment filtering: Users can filter comments on their videos and apply settings that hide comments unless they are approved. This helps prevent harmful or inappropriate comments from being publicly visible.
  2. User blocking: TikTok users can block other accounts. When an account is blocked, the blocked user cannot view the videos or engage with the account through direct messages, comments, follows, or likes.
  3. Privacy settings: Users can set privacy preferences for who can comment on their videos. Options include allowing comments from anyone (public accounts), followers (private accounts), followers that are followed back, or no one.
  4. Reporting comments: TikTok encourages users to report comments that violate its Community Guidelines. Reporting allows users to flag content that goes against TikTok’s general community standards.

Collectively, these features give TikTok users the tools to manage and customize their comment sections, contributing to a safer and more positive community environment.

Understanding TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Standards

TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Standards are the backbone of their approach to safety on their platform. Here are the core aspects of their community values you need to know.

  1. Remove violative content: TikTok enforces strict rules against harmful content in public and private posts to eliminate any content that violates community guidelines. Account bans may occur for extreme or repeated violations.
  2. Age-restrict mature content: Because of TikTok’s diverse range of content, the platform restricts openly mature content so it’s only accessible to users aged 18 and older.
  3. For You Feed (FYF) eligibility standards: The For You Feed, TikTok’s well-known platform for content discovery, maintains specific eligibility standards. Content unsuitable for a broad audience will not be promoted through TikTok’s recommendation system.
  4. Empower the community: TikTok empowers users with information and resources to manage their own experience. These include content labels, “opt-in” screens, warnings, safety toolkits, and controls that allow users to filter and tailor the content they see on the platform.

This comprehensive strategy combines rule enforcement and user empowerment to encourage free expression while simultaneously preventing harm. When done well, this promotes a welcoming and vibrant online space for TikTok’s global community.

The Importance of Comment Moderation

The decision to remove TikTok comments is never taken lightly. To ensure user’s free speech and expression are honored, comments are typically only removed in extreme situations where they pose a risk of harm or damage to others. This may include instances of spam, which can clutter the comment section, as well as more severe cases of harassment or inappropriate conduct.  

By enforcing platform-wide comment moderation in these situations, TikTok balances allowing open expression and maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users.

On a brand level, harmful social comments can directly affect how users perceive your business. Did you know that:

  • 47% of social media users associate toxic comments with your brand. 
  • Influencers are 37% more likely to receive abusive or harmful comments than brands.
  • In 2022, there was a 284% surge in online abuse and a 500% surge in spam and bot activities. 

Social media comment moderation is essential in ensuring a safe and welcoming virtual space for your brand. If you were hosting a real-life party, you would never tolerate uninvited party crashers who spew toxicity and make your guests feel hurt or unwelcome. When you moderate comments on your TikTok account, you act as a bouncer for your brand’s digital party so your users can have a positive and enjoyable experience on your page. 

How to Moderate Comments at Scale

Moderation at scale is crucial for brands and teams with large followings, as it’s impossible to keep up without the support of smart, customizable technology. A comprehensive approach involves using keyword filters, automation, and human content moderators working in concert. This method is both accurate and efficient in creating a safer digital space for your brand and users.

Respondology has achieved this delicate balance with our combination of key phrases and business rules, generative AI, and a team of over 1,000 human moderators for a robust defense against harmful content.

Hiding Comments vs. Deleting Comments

It’s important to note the difference between hiding and deletion when it comes to preserving valuable data. Unlike TikTok’s automated approach, which defaults to comment deletion, Respondology strategically hides comments.

Why does this matter? Brands and organizations can benefit immensely from retaining all comment data, enabling them to revisit and analyze interactions even after comments are hidden. If comments are permanently deleted, the connection to these valuable insights is gone.

By hiding comments, Respondology empowers users to maintain control and fosters a more insightful approach to managing online interactions. 

TikTok Organic and Improved Moderation Reporting

TikTok is an extremely valuable platform, and with effective social media comment moderation in place, brands can foster a welcoming online environment and gather insights from comments without risking their brand reputation.

While it may be intimidating, you don’t have to wade into TikTok comment moderation alone. Respondology recently launched TikTok Organic, which provides expert comment moderation services for brands on TikTok. Through our Improved Moderation Reporting system, brands can effectively moderate their page, amplify transparency, and enjoy comprehensive reporting that can facilitate a greater connection with users. 

Let TikTok be a place of empowerment for your audience and your brand. Learn more about TikTok Organic from Respondology today.

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