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How to Moderate Social Media Comments Instantly During Fashion Week


September is fashion’s biggest month of the year, bringing together designers, models, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. For luxury fashion brands, this period represents a golden opportunity to showcase new collections, engage with a vast audience, and reinforce brand identity. However, with the spotlight comes the challenge of managing an influx of social media interactions. This is where using social media moderation tools becomes indispensable. Let’s break down how you can get what you need in place ahead of the runways going live. 

Step 1: Move Beyond Manual Comment Moderation

Put frankly, manual comment moderation is impossible–especially during events as hectic as Fashion Week. When working with influencers, the volume and speed of comments only increases, making it that much harder for social media managers to keep up. Relying on manual moderation poses several risks:

Missed Comments: It only takes one toxic comment for people to pile on and shift what could’ve been a minor issue into the next viral outbreak. 

Delayed Responses: If teams are focused on removing what’s toxic, they can miss what matters and have slow response times to comments that deserve attention, creating poor engagement with your audience. 

Burnout: The constant need to monitor and moderate can lead to burnout among social media managers, affecting their performance and well-being.

Automated moderation solutions address these challenges by providing a scalable and efficient way to manage interactions. These systems are designed to handle large volumes of comments, filtering out harmful content and prioritizing the right interactions. This ensures that the brand’s social media presence remains active and engaging, even during peak times.

Actionable Tip:

– Invest in a robust comment moderation platform that offers 24/7 support and real-time adjustments to handle high volumes of interactions during peak times. Make sure the platform can moderate brand and influencer posts so you’re getting holistic coverage.

Step 2: Empower Social Media Managers with Technology

Social media managers are critical in shaping a brand’s online presence, especially during high-pressure events like Fashion Week. Implementing advanced comment moderation technology empowers them to be the heroes behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless and positive social media experience.

These tools free social media managers from the arduous task of manual moderation, allowing them to focus on strategic activities such as crafting engaging content, interacting with followers, and analyzing performance metrics. By automating the moderation process, brands can maintain a high level of engagement without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Actionable Tip:

– Select moderation tools that offer AI-driven features to automate repetitive tasks and enhance moderation accuracy. Respodology provides three customizable layers including keyphrases and business rules that moderate the obvious in milliseconds, GenAI for customized moderation in context, and highly-skilled US-based human moderators to catch anything that technology might miss. 

Step 3: Implement a Comment Moderation Tool that Moves at the Speed you Need

Social media explodes during Fashion Week and social media managers must keep pace with the rapid flow of comments, shares, and mentions across platforms. Quick reactions in the comment sections are crucial in maintaining a positive brand image and engaging with the audience effectively. You don’t want to be the example of the next viral disaster by relying on manual moderation, or worse, an expensive tool that takes hours to react. Implementing a comment moderation tool that reacts in real time at the speed of social ensures brands are ready to handle the surge in social media activity as soon as their shows begin.

Consider a luxury fashion brand launching a new collection during Fashion Week. As the runway show streams live, thousands of comments flood in, ranging from enthusiastic praise to critical feedback. Without immediate moderation, abusive, toxic, and damaging comments could slip through, potentially causing brand destruction. With an advanced moderation system in place, the brand can swiftly filter out harmful content in milliseconds, letting the social media manager engage with the community without risking missing something harmful. 

Actionable Tip:

– Choose a comment moderation tool that can be set up and customized quickly. Look for options that offer easy integration with your existing social media platforms. Respondology can be up and running in days, not weeks – because social media waits for no one. 

Step 4: Adjust Moderation at the Speed of Trends

What’s trending one moment can become obsolete the next, and social media reflects these shifts almost instantaneously. Brands need a comment moderation system that can adapt to these changes just as quickly, without waiting for hours or days for adjustments.

Advanced comment moderation tools offer the flexibility to modify filters and rules in real time, allowing social media managers to respond to emerging trends immediately. For example, if a particular hashtag associated with the brand starts trending, the topics and rules in the moderation system can be immediately adjusted to prioritize and monitor interactions related to that hashtag. This means that social media managers can stay on top of anything and everything that comes up during Fashion Week in real time. 

Imagine a specific look captivates your audience and they want to know what fabric was used. With a dynamic moderation system, the brand can monitor this topic and understand audience sentiment to capitalize on the excitement. This insight and adaptability is critical when shows are live and brands want immediate feedback from audiences. 

Actionable Tip:

Regularly monitor key topics to stay ahead of trends and adjust your moderation settings accordingly. Respondology’s Topic Monitoring tool gives you full insight into what’s being said across all of your comment sections, empowering you with instant insight into key topics that are emerging during Fashion Week.  


The fast-paced nature of Fashion Week demands a proactive approach to social media management. Implementing advanced comment moderation technology is crucial for luxury fashion brands looking to maintain a positive and engaging online presence. By adopting these tools, brands can ensure immediate and adaptable moderation, empowering social media managers to focus on strategic activities and elevate their brand’s reputation. As September Fashion Week approaches, now is the time for luxury fashion brands to invest in comment moderation tools that will keep them ahead of the curve and ensure a seamless social media experience.

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