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Respondology becomes the first to incorporate the power of Generative AI to further advance the power of social media content moderation.

Respondology’s industry-leading technology has already greatly streamlined the once laborious process of keeping our clients’ social media comments productive, collaborative and on-brand — now we’re the first to incorporate the power of Generative AI to further advance the power of our solution.

Moderation of owned social media content and advertisements has quickly become a critical measure for brands as they strive to maintain brand safety, optimize their return on investment, and also protect their customers from online hate, toxicity, and scams.

In today’s digital age, brand reputation is intricately tied to the comments section of social media posts and advertisements. While these platforms offer valuable opportunities for genuine connections between brands and consumers, they also expose businesses to the perils of online hate, toxicity, and fraudulent activities.

To date in 2023, Respondology has hidden over 5.6 million spam, abusive, and toxic comments. We’ve seen a 121 percent increase in racist, homophobic comments between 2022 and 2023 that we’ve removed for our clients and a 282 percent increase in spam and bot comments over the same time period that we’ve removed.  

Unlike pre-Generative AI models, Respondology’s Generative AI technology possesses unparalleled proficiency in comprehending the nuances of human language. Its flexibility allows for effortless customization, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with complex moderation guidelines. Moreover, it adapts dynamically to evolving social media trends without the need for extensive model re-training, actively learning from our human moderators.

At Respondology, our GenAI—driven solution brings technological advancement to content moderation to help protect a brand’s online reputation, while fostering a more protected environment for their fans to engage with each other. We think this is a win for everyone.

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