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Brand Safety Report: Ranking NFL Teams’ Social Media Comment Sections Based on Hate, Abuse, and Illicit Spam


Discover the alarming reality of toxicity in NFL social media comments - our report exposes the most affected teams.

Over 500,000 Visible Toxic Comments Live on the Top 10 Most Toxic NFL Social Media Comment Sections

Our recent analysis of public comments on NFL teams’s social channels throughout 2023 revealed a pressing issue: toxic comments are pervasive across team comment sections. With the NFL teams’ online spaces plagued by hate, abuse, and illicit spam, the need for effective moderation to create safe spaces for fans, sponsors, and players is undeniable. 

Ten teams had a 6% or higher toxicity rating with the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers ranking highest for the most toxic comments across categories like team and fan abuse, racism and homophobia, spam, scams, streaming links, and viral political events. With over half a million hateful, abusive, or spammy comments for the ten most toxic teams combined, we estimate it would take 23 dedicated full-time employees over 16,000 hours to moderate that volume of comments. And, to top it all off, we estimate it would be an additional $427,000 in overhead annually. 

The impact of such toxicity extends beyond fan and player experience, affecting brand reputation and sponsor relationships. Unmoderated spaces can deter sponsors and undermine the hard work it takes to build a team’s brand. Our moderation platform, proven to remove toxic comments and spam instantly, operates discreetly 24/7 and is already helping six NFL teams manage comment sections. 

Our successful work with teams like the Denver Broncos proves the value of leveraging tech to solve this problem, especially during social initiatives including Pride, Black History, and Women’s History months. Our platform eradicates spam and bots and ensures that social media remains a safe space for fans, fostering an environment free from hate, abuse, and racism. 

As teams invest heavily in game-day experiences, equal attention must be given to digital experiences. Moderating social media comments reduces hate and abuse, enhances sponsor relationships, and saves the marketing team’s time allowing them to focus on fan engagement. 

Is your team’s digital presence reflecting its true spirit? Learn more about your team’s comment sections and discover how Respondology can transform your social media spaces into a thriving fan community. Together, let’s create a digital environment that’s as dynamic and vibrant as the action on the field.

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