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Case Study: How a Celebrated Athletic Apparel Company Uses Comment Moderation to Protect Revenue and Enhance Online Safety


Learn how Respondology helped a leading athletic apparel company use comment moderation to ensure its social media presence was aligned with its brand values.

A leading athletic apparel company’s social media comment section was full of bots, as well as trolls who were only interested in spreading messages of anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment, bigotry, body shaming, racism, sexism, hate speech, and pedophilia. For a company committed to running campaigns that celebrate diversity, these hateful messages were a direct contravention of their values and threatened the online safety of their followers. 

Their social media team couldn’t keep pace with the volume of harmful and toxic comments polluting their social media channels daily and they needed technology to keep up. After the company partnered with Respondology to leverage our leading comment moderation platform, it ensured its social media presence was aligned with its brand values and was a place for everyone.

The Problem
Hateful comments threatened youth online safety and drained customer service staff

Before their partnership with Respondology, this company found it challenging to keep up with the sheer volume of spam and hateful messages they received daily. General spam and trolling comments spouting racist, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ+ language were also prevalent, leaving customer service staff swamped with 5,000+ comments per day to review and hide. The spam often included links to third-party resellers of their merchandise, cutting down on revenue.

Respondology’s technology uncovered and hid sexualized comments on posts featuring child models. The extent of these troubling and illegal comments was unknown before turning on Respondology moderation.

The Solution
Removing hate protects the brand and audience

Once Respondology stepped in, the company quickly freed their customer service team from the task of monitoring and flagging these messages, amounting to over 380,000 comments moderated. The brand could finally keep up with the speed of social, and their marketing staff were able to shift their focus back to creating great content for their audience to enjoy. 

After identifying many comments that targeted and sexualized children, the Respondology team was able to intervene quickly to ensure the safety of not only the children modeling in the posts but also the brand’s wider audience.

With these hateful comments gone, the marketing team at this company has felt freer to post positive, brand-specific content. Their audience has felt comfortable engaging with the brand, boosting physical revenue, brand value, and equity.

The Results
Thousands of hateful comments hidden and users protected

hateful comments hidden
approximate comments per day moderated at peak times
comments moderated and counting

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