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Best Social Media Comment Moderation Tool: Top Solutions for Effective Management


Social media directors usually turn to a social media comment moderation tool because they’ve been struggling with the same problems:

Toxic and hateful comments – Toxic and hateful comments are a major problem in any online community, and brands aren’t immune. These kinds of comments can directly attack people, products, models, fans, and more leading to a decrease in engagement.

Their team is spread thin – Social media and marketing teams are often spread thin due to competing priorities. This can result in smaller social media teams and lower budgets, which can further exacerbate the challenges associated with managing a large and complex online presence. 

Limited customization with native tools – Native tools have limited customization capabilities, making it challenging to create a unique and personalized experience. Additionally, native tools are not tailored to specific brands or guidelines, which can lead to a lack of consistency in the overall user experience. It is important to consider these limitations when deciding whether to rely solely on native tools or to explore alternative options.

Limited insight into topics surrounding their brand – Limited insight into what topics are surrounding the company brand can lead to a lack of understanding of the public perception towards the brand. Resulting in delayed response times to PR crises, which can further contribute to negative sentiment. Without knowledge of what good or bad topics are trending, it becomes challenging to create relevant and timely content that resonates with the audience. 

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the best social media moderation tools, so your team can make an informed decision. 

5 Best Social Media Comment Moderation Tools 

  1. Respondology 
  2. Brandbastion 
  3. Resolver
  4. Arwen AI
  5. Bodyguard AI 


Looking to help your team moderate their comments and better manage sentiment around your brand? Get started with a demo to see how respondology help. 


Respondology is a social media management platform that specializes in moderating user-generated content, harnessing advanced AI algorithms to track and moderate online comments and messages across various social media platforms.

Aimed at helping businesses and individuals maintain a positive online presence and protect their brand reputation, Respondology effectively filters out toxic or inappropriate content, ensuring that online interactions remain constructive and align with the brand’s values.

Its sophisticated technology allows for real-time moderation, providing a safer and more engaging environment for both brands and their audience.

Respondology allows brands to focus on engaging with their audience and building meaningful relationships with their followers. 

Let’s take a closer look at Respondolgy’s features. 

Key Feature 1: Moderate in milliseconds with 30,000+ pre-loaded keywords, phrases, and emojis across 28 languages for instant brand protection

Most social media comment moderation tools are inadequate due to their limited filtering options, lack of customization, and reliance on manual labor, which can lead to inefficient and ineffective handling of interactions. These tools struggle with scalability and may not provide comprehensive analytics, making it difficult to manage a growing volume of comments across multiple platforms.

Respondology utilizes a robust library of over 30,000 pre-loaded keywords, phrases, and emojis, spanning across an impressive 28 different languages. This ensures that the platform is equipped to tackle a wide range of social media content, enabling it to accurately categorize and analyze posts across the global landscape.  

Respondology Keyphrase List

For example, let’s say a sports team has just lost a big game and fans are upset. They take to social media to express their frustration and disappointment, but unfortunately, some fans cross the line and begin to use hate speech and derogatory language. Thousands of comments appear in moments and it’s impossible for social media managers to keep up. With Respondology’s feature of utilizing 30,000+ pre-loaded keywords, phrases, and emojis across 28 languages, abusive and toxic comments are instantly hidden with commenters none-the-wiser. Now, social media managers are able to take time to helpfully engage with fans who aren’t being abusive. This not only helps maintain the team’s reputation but also creates a safer and more welcoming environment for fans to engage with the team on social media. The upset fans may use racial slurs, severe and derogatory cursing, or homophobic language but with Respondology’s feature, these comments can be swiftly identified and hidden, allowing for a more positive and respectful online community.

Key Feature 2: Generative AI moderates for nuance and context according to your unique brand needs and guidelines 

Most native tools provided by social media platforms often offer only basic forms of moderation, such as blocking certain keywords or allowing users to report inappropriate comments. While these tools can be somewhat helpful, they may fail to catch more nuanced or cleverly disguised harmful comments, and they often require manual intervention to review and remove offending posts. Respondology’s Generative AI layer is always-on and always learning based on your brand’s specific needs and guidelines. This is the perfect balance of immediate moderation and customization at work for you 24/7/365.

Respondology Generative AI Moderation

For example, let’s say In the heat of a disappointing season, a soccer club’s social media feed becomes a hotspot for fan reactions. Some fans might leave comments like, “The team needs to work on their defense; the strategy in the last few games hasn’t been effective,” which is constructive criticism aiming to discuss the team’s performance. 

Other comments may cross the line into abuse, saying something like, “Player X is useless and should be sold immediately!” which is a personal attack rather than helpful feedback. Native social media tools usually aren’t smart enough to tell the difference between these two types of comments. 

By adding their own tailored key phrases, the sports club can instruct Respondology’s AI to focus on conversations that are more harmful and most relevant to their brand and campaign goals.

Key Feature 3: Human Reviewers that bridge the gap in technology’s reach

Most native tools provided by social media platforms often offer only basic forms of moderation, such as blocking certain keywords or allowing users to report inappropriate comments. While these tools can be somewhat helpful, they are not as sophisticated or as swift in response as dedicated moderation tools. They may fail to catch more nuanced or cleverly disguised negative comments, and they often require manual intervention to review and remove offending posts.

This results in teams having to manually check comments and requires someone to watch them all the time. It’s a time-intensive task that can make the team feel swamped and stretched thin. 

Respondology’s 1,000+ U.S.-based human moderators are available 24/7/365 and become experts on your specific moderation guidelines to catch rare edge cases and train our generative AI to address similar cases in the future.

Respondology Human Moderators

Take, for example, the diverse reactions from fans during or following a heated game. You may come across comments like “That game was the sh__” and another saying “That game was sh__.” Context matters here and human moderators will quickly understand that one of these statements is an expression of excitement and the other is derogatory. It’s a social media team’s choice of whether or not they want to hide anything, but no matter the guidance, human moderators will make the right decision for the brand and hide necessary comments.

Key Feature 4: Topic and Trend Monitoring and Alerts help you take immediate action on incidents, threats, PR crises, or negative sentiment

Teams often resort to manual methods to track brand sentiment, and it’s often impossible to dig into comment sections fully, which means there’s ample information that’s missed from real audience discussions. This approach takes a lot of time, can lead to slower reaction times in responding to emerging trends or crises, missing important buyer-intent information, potentially allowing negative sentiment to fester and escalate without timely intervention. Respondology’s Topic Monitoring uses powerful semantic search technology (hint: if you’re using boolean search, you’re using the wrong tool) to pinpoint the exact topics audiences are discussing, generating accurate, timely insights that lead to better business decisions. 

Social Media Comment Moderation Tool

Let’s say a clothing retailer specializing in sustainable fashion wants to gauge the impact of their latest eco-friendly clothing line. They decide to use Respondology’s topic monitoring feature to keep a close watch on the conversation surrounding their brand and new product range.

The retailer starts by customizing the search parameters, inputting key phrases like “sustainable fashion,” “eco-friendly materials,” and the names of their new products. They also add phrases related to common industry issues, such as “fast fashion” and “sustainability in fashion,” to track broader discussions that could influence their brand image.

Respondology’s tool, armed with these key phrases, continuously scans comment sections across paid, organic, and influencer social campaigns and posts, for these terms. It’s not just looking for direct tags of the topics; it’s also seeking out related conversations that might not mention the exact topic but are still relevant thanks to the power of semantic search in place of boolean search terms. AI summaries are immediately generated by topic, and continuously updated, giving social media marketers immediate insight to help them make fast and thoughtful decisions.

If the AI detects a spike in conversations around a specific phrase, like “eco-friendly denim,” the retailer receives an alert, and this can be set up for any topic and any threshold. These alerts could signify a trend that the retailer might capitalize on, or it could be the early signs of a potential PR issue if the sentiment is negative. No matter the situation, marketers can glean insight from comment sections fast and take action to engage their audiences and protect their brands.

By continually adjusting the key phrases and training the AI, the retailer ensures that the topic monitoring is always aligned with their evolving brand strategy, giving them granular insights into public opinion and enabling proactive brand management.

Streamline comment moderation and protect your brand’s reputation. Start with our demo to see Respondology in action.

Other Solutions You May Find in Your Research

Below, we’ve included a number of solutions that help brands on social media. The key difference is Respondology specializes in helping brands deeply understand their comment sections through a combination of moderation, topic monitoring, and analytics. And, we’re the only solution in market that provides three layers of customizable brand protection working for your brand around the clock. Our solution doesn’t require any special consultants, skillsets, or new hires. In fact, it can act as an extension of your current team, especially with our skilled customer success managers available to help. 


BrandBastion is a solution designed to help brands manage their social media interactions efficiently. It focuses on protecting brand reputation, improving engagement, and delivering insights by handling various types of online interactions.

While Brandbastion excels in real-time moderation and customer engagement, Respondology’s comprehensive three layers of brand protection, including generative AI, offers nuanced and customizable moderation that adapts to specific brand needs, providing a more tailored and effective approach


Resolver is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed for businesses looking to streamline their risk and security management processes. As an integrated platform, Resolver enables organizations to proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring the safety of their assets and the continuity of their operations. The product is tailored to serve the unique needs of various industries, offering specialized tools and functionalities.

Unlike Resolver, which focuses on risk and security management, Respondology specializes in the advanced instant moderation of social media comments with 30,000+ pre-loaded keywords across 28 languages, ensuring comprehensive brand protection in real-time. It’s also easier to use and acts as a self-serve platform, giving social media teams instant control when they need it.

Arwen AI is an innovative software solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses interact with data by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The platform is crafted to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of data analysis, providing users with deep insights that can drive strategic decision-making. serves as an AI-powered assistant, automating complex data tasks and making data science accessible to a broader range of users.

Arwen AI offers AI-driven analytics, but Respondology goes further by providing generative AI with instant, context-aware moderation and the ability to customize according to unique brand guidelines, offering a more focused solution for social media management.

Bodyguard AI is a cutting-edge online protection tool that offers real-time defense against digital toxicity, such as hate speech, cyberbullying, and other forms of online harassment. It is designed for individuals, communities, and content creators who wish to maintain a positive and safe digital environment. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, provides a seamless and efficient way to shield users from unwanted content across various social platforms.

Bodyguard AI provides real-time toxic content filtering, yet Respondology enhances this with both a keyphrase and business rules layer and a human review layer that work in conjunction with AI, ensuring the highest accuracy and contextual understanding for brand-specific moderation needs.

Enhance Your Comment Moderation Strategy 

Respondology stands out as an essential tool for any brand looking to streamline its comment moderation process. It offers a sophisticated AI-driven approach that not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in understanding and responding to customer sentiment. With the ability to aggregate comments from multiple platforms and convert them into concise summaries, social media managers can effectively manage their brand’s online presence. This comprehensive moderation solution, coupled with the support of expert customer success managers, makes Respondology an invaluable asset for maintaining a positive brand image and building stronger relationships with your audience. 

Give Respondology a try and sign up for a demo to transform the way you interact with your social media comments.

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