Don't let hate and spam hijack your social media.

Remove abusive comments, emojis, and bots in seconds.
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Loved across the NFL, NBA, Premier League, and many others.

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We are big fans of Respondology. I'd be happy to tell anyone how well it works for us.

The Vegas Golden Knights firmly believe that hockey is for everyone and that includes all hockey fans in the LGBTQ+ community. Our partnership with Respondology has ensured that our comment sections are for everyone as well. One of our most important organizational principles is to 'Ignore the Naysayers' and the work Respondology does makes sure those with hateful words aren’t heard at all.

The Penguins see Respondology as essential for providing the best possible fan experience on our digital platforms. The technology quickly and accurately hides bots, ads, and abusive comments, freeing up our digital team's time to focus on fostering genuine connections with our most important stakeholder, our fans, in a safe community. We can count on effective moderation with our Respondology partnership, which continues to improve every time we receive comments or replies on our posts.

You build community. We moderate.


Toxicity removed

Using AI filtering technology, and human moderators, we remove on average 97% of abusive comments in seconds.


After hours comments

49% of social comments are made after business hours, on weekends and holidays.  We protect your team 24/7/365.


Require human review

52% of comments need Human Review. Our team of 1k+ U.S.-based moderators interpret nuances for ultimate protection.

Respondology's The Mod ™

One tool to manage and customize moderation across all social media platforms.
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Start right away

Immediate moderation with our preinstalled and continually updated keyword and emoji filtering – all customizable to your brand’s desire.

Add your own keywords

The Mod™ allows Sports Teams, Athletes and Leagues to add customized keywords to match their unique moderation needs.
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See what's happening

See in real-time all comments in your social stream, which ones were hidden, and why. Sort by Racism, LGBTQ Slurs, Severe Swearing, and all categories in the Reporting UI.

Track and analyze

Track trends in your total comment volume, hide rates, percentage hidden by humans, and more across organic, paid media and by social platform.
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Spend more time with  your fans  and less time with the haters.

Your social team no longer needs to spend valuable time moderating social accounts and can focus on what really matters.

Moderate discreetly.

Damaging comments are hidden from everyone except the person who wrote them. They are unaware the rest of the world never saw them.

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Take back control.