Remove Hate and Spam from Social Media

Brands and sports organizations like the Detroit Pistons use The Mod to improve the quality of their comment streams and encourage healthy fan conversation. Brands of all kinds can remove spam links and extreme toxicity to protect their image and increase social engagement.




Reduction in Spam

“The Mod helps cleanse spam and insensitive content from our social channels, saving massive hours of manual moderation.”

Mike Donnay, VP of Brand Networks @ Detroit Pistons
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Why Does Moderation Matter?

Because the results are tremendous…




49% of social comments are made after business hours and on weekends and holidays. The Ad Mod protects your team or brand 24/7/365.



The Mod saves organizations hundreds of  people-hours monthly. Focus your staff and resources on what matters and leave moderation to The Mod.




 52% of organic social comments need Human Review. Our team of 1k+ U.S.-based moderators interpret nuances for ultimate protection.

Comment Moderation Is

Made Easy with The Mod


Filtering Keywords Already Installed

Accelerate your brand’s organic social moderation success with our pre-installed and continually-maintained keyword lists. The Mod protects from Racism to spam, including illegal TV streaming links.

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add custom keywords check it out here does not work worst customer service

Customize Keywords to Your Needs

Brands, Sports Teams and Leagues have unique audiences and therefore need the ability to tailor blocked keywords to their streams. The Mod allows management to quickly customize keywords to their preferences.

View Organic Moderation Metrics and Performance

The Mod comes equiped with a full dashboard to manage a brand’s organic moderation performance. View keyword and human moderation performance and adjust settings from one location.

Everyone but the Troll

The Mod works undercover, hiding spam and toxicity from every commenter except for the trolls themselves—they can see their troll comments, but the rest of your audience will not.


Give Moderation a Chance

Besides saving you people-hours and management resources, The Mod enables you to curate your organization’s online social image. The results speak for themselves.


Review Hidden Comments

Want to know who commented what spam or nastiness, when, and where? Audit comments on a granular level with The Mod’s filtered comment view.

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Link Every Social Account Your Brand Has in Minutes

The Mod is flexible: link your Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts across your organization in minutes using our guided account activation process. 

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