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Gone are the times when you have to ask your influencer to remove a toxic comment about your product or bots clutter social streams you paid to create. With custom keyword filtering and U.S. based human moderation, The Mod cleanses Influencer comments 24/7, driving engagement rates 2.3x higher than industry averages.




Return on Investment

“Deploying The Mod provided a critical layer of real time monitoring and support for nights and weekends …it gave us back time to focus on the content, partnerships, and optimizations that drive performance.”

Director of Content Marketing from a Global Agency

Why Does Moderation Matter?

Because the results are tremendous…




60% of social comments in influencer campaigns are posted after business hours. The Mod protects a brand’s influencer campaigns 24/7/365.




With negativity removed, influencers are able to create an 11% engagement rate with their followers and fans—that’s 2.3x the industry average.




Of 3.9k people surveyed post-purchase, 68% claim they read social media comments on Facebook or Instagram before buying.

Comment Moderation Is

Made Easy with The Mod


Keywords Already Installed and Consistently Maintained

The Mod makes influencer marketing campaigns extra easy with pre-installed and configured moderation keyword lists. From anti-spam to sensitive subjects, your social team can count on The Mod to help you hit the ground running.

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Customize Keywords to the Influencer's Audience

Influencers and brands have different moderation needs. Customize keywords and moderation severity settings for individual influencers and campaigns incampaigns in The Mod’s Keyword Dashboard.

View Influencer and Campaign Moderation Metrics and Performance

The Mod comes equiped with a full dashboard to manage an influencer campaign’s moderation performance. View keyword and human moderation, identify positive and negative influencers, and change settings all in one place.

Everyone but the Troll

The Mod works undercover, hiding spam and toxicity from every commenter except for the trolls themselves—they can see their troll comments, but the rest of your influencers’ and brands’ audiences will not.


Give Moderation a Chance

Besides saving you people-hours, management resources, and skyrocketing your engagement rates, The Mod enables you to curate your customers’ online social images. The results speak for themselves.


Review Hidden Comments

Want to know who commented what spam or nastiness, when, and where? Audit comments on a granular level with The Mod’s filtered comment view.

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Link Influencer Social Account in Minutes

Setting up The Mod takes minutes for all of your Influencers in your campaign. Protect your investment across your Influencer’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Running Ads as well? The Mod can protect your paid Influencer campaigns too.

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