reply-based advertising

how it works

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automation + human review

Our AI technology uses keywords, phrases and emojis to identify public social posts relevant to our advertisers.  We then have U.S. based human “Responders” review the posts to ensure the utmost in relevancy and brand safety. All text responses are customized to various keywords and pre-approved to reply only in the desired brand voice.




  • Keywords, phrases & sentiment
  • Emojis
  • Detargeting negative keywords
  • Geography: 25 mile radius any location
  • Day part
  • Day of week
  • Conquesting

brands already using reply-based advertising


reply-based advertising campaigns

  • CPC performance media platform = ROI measurable
  • Go beyond brand mentions to identify a reply opportunity
  • 1:1 replies to an individual, in real time 
  • Every reply is human reviewed to ensure relevancy and brand safety
  • Dedicated Account Manager (always)

clients we work with


At Respondology, we’ve found a way to help top national agencies and brands generate proven ROI. Campaigns produce a range click-thru-rate of 15-30%.


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