Beauty and fashion brands: don't let damaging comments kill your brand.

Increase sales and clean your social streams from brand damaging comments and spam across organic, influencer and paid social media.
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One client saw a 47% decrease in CPA.

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Working with Respondology has made a tremendous difference, both in maintaining the integrity of our brand, as well as enabling our customer experience team to re-focus their energy on actual customer requests, rather than constantly hiding vulgar comments.

People read social comments before purchasing.


Read comments first
Of 3.9k people surveyed post-purchase, 68% claim they read social media comments before buying.


Increase in ROAS

Increase your return on ad spend after removing product damaging comments from your social posts and ads.


After hours comments

49% of social comments are made after business hours and on weekends and holidays. We protect your brand 24/7/365.
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Take back control over your online social image.

Besides saving time and making you money, The Mod™ enables you to curate your brand’s online social image. 

Moderate discreetly.

Damaging comments are hidden from everyone except the person who wrote them. They are unaware the rest of the world never saw them.

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Take back control.