Adam Edelman

Executive Chairman

Adam is the lead Board Member for Respondology and Chairman of Boulder Heavy Industries. He’s co-founded digital agencies, acted as Regional Director for DirectTV and an overall leader within the digital media space. Adam sits on numerous Boards, including Alex Bogusky’s Brandzooka. 

Erik Swain


Erik helped three small start-ups become global companies with significant exits – AOL, DataLogix and SpotX. He served one of the first digital banners in 1996, pioneered using offline data for online targeting in 2008, and launched one of the initial video programmatic marketplaces in 2011. Erik’s executed over $1 billion in digital media over the last two decades.

Irina Pavlova

Sports Advisor

Irina was in charge of business operations of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center for seven years. She was the first employee of Google Russia and was responsible for building strategic partnerships to localize Google’s products, as well as for launching YouTube Russia. Currently Irina leads her own sports consultancy in London.

Tim Murphy

VP of Product + Operations

Tim is a product of Nestle’s Operations Executive Management Program, where among other things, he executed over $30m in annual digital spend across Facebook & YouTube. Tim has hustled in the start-up world, as Co-Founder and Chief Visionary of WageKick’s algorithmic and proximity based job search platform.

Aaron Benor

SVP of Sales

Aaron was a founding member of Taboola’s Sales, growing the team from start-up stage to a global sales organization and personally overseeing North American Sales. Aaron is based in NYC to drive Sales from the heartbeat of media revenue. Aaron came in second on Jeopardy so he’s not only a closer, but a smart one.

Andrew Kuttig

Technical Advisor

Andrew was the lead Engineer and built video ad platform SpotX from the ground up. He specializes in programmatic technology and scale, ramping SpotX to managing over 10 billion ad calls per day. Respondolgy utilizes an outsourced Engineering Team, managed by Tim and aided by Andrew.

Why Respondology?

“‘Don’t read the comments’ is good advice.  Respondology is changing that.” –TechCrunch

Respondology is a company made up of 20+ year digital advertising veterans who helped brands place their ads in content-safe locations within social media. After witnessing the increasing online hate, we decided it was time to repurpose our platform for something positive in this world. Technology for good. Respondology is a company within the Boulder Heavy Industries (BHI) portfolio. 

Respondology (BHI)

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