Making a positive impact through technology.

How we got here

Respondology is a company made up of 20+ year digital veterans that decided it was time to do something about the hate and damage produced by people hiding behind the anonymity of social media.  This is technology for good.  

Management Team

Erik Swain employee photo

Erik Swain
CEO & Co-Founder

tim murphy employee photo

Tim Murphy
CPO & Co-Founder

Aaron Benor employee photo

Aaron Benor
CRO & Co-Founder

Huan Lai

Huan Lai

Alex Jarvis

Alex Jarvis
Country Manager, UK

sarah stadler

Sarah Stadler
VP, Marketing

Izzy Murdy

Izzy Murdy
Chief Financial Officer

Amy employee photo

Amy Nutting
Director, Account Management

Rachel Sutherland

Rachel Sutherland
Director, People


Ryan Pollock

Ryan Pollock
Iron Gate Capital

Ray Bartoszek

Ray Bartoszek
RLB Holdings

Adam Edelman employee photo

Adam Edelman

Jay Levy
Zelkova Ventures

Daniel Geballe

Daniel Geballe
SJF Ventures


Andrew employee photo

Andrew Kuttig

Ian Nolan

Ian Nolan
Manchester United

Why Respondology?

“If the technology now exists to mute racism, anti-LGBTQ slurs and generally hateful abuse online, then we have a responsibility to do just that.”

Erik Swain, CEO @ Respondology

Take back control.