reply-based advertising

Respondology reviews millions of social posts in real-time and responds directly to people who express a want or need related to your brand with an offer or branding message.


respondology is a CPC media platform that targets consumers based on their real-time social posts.



1. someone posts a want or need on social media.


2. an advertiser responds with a message matching their need.


3. a sale is made or a branding moment experienced.



reach customers the moment they express intent. 

Respondology reply-based CPC campaigns connect you with them, 1:1, in real-time at mass scale, all while ensuring brand safety.

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automation + human review

Our AI technology uses keywords, phrases and emojis to identify public social posts relevant to our advertisers.  We then have U.S. based human “Responders” review the posts to ensure the utmost in relevancy and brand safety. All text responses are customized to various keywords and pre-approved to reply only in the desired brand voice.


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Millions of consumers are posting their wants and needs right now. Setup your CPC campaign and reply to them.